About Me

I wish I could say that I’ve been taking photographs for years. But only recently have I found myself falling in love with capturing other people on Headshot_1_2015film and poring over every detail of each photograph.

There’s something euphoric about being behind the lens of a camera and being entrusted with the task of carefully capturing a moment in time. It’s thrilling, yes, but it’s also a high calling.

By trade, I am a journalist, which is really all about storytelling. And storytelling, I’ve learned, is a transferable skill that fits appropriately and seamlessly within the field of photography.

That is essentially how I approach every photography session — as an opportunity to tell one’s story with the help of a lens and professional editing software.

How I work

My approach to photography is simple: I seek to capture people, places and things in its natural element. While there is some “staging” involved at times, what I revel in most is when the shutter catches a subject in a rare moment, unrestrained by the camera’s presence.

I examine every single frame and edit each one I’ve deemed a keeper. After you’ve approved the proofs, I then relinquish them for you to use however you’d like, whether that’s posting them on Facebook to share with your friends and family or having them printed and then plastered to your family’s living room wall. I’ll leave that up for you to decide.

During a session, my job is to be fully immersed and flexible in order to capture every memorable second. My goal is to ensure my clients’ style, emotion and personalities shine through in each photo. While working together, we’ll take as many shots as needed within the allotted time to make that happen.

That said, I’m not afraid to get a little dirty or look awkward to achieve the right angle or to take advantage of good lighting.

So when you see me crouching, lying on the floor, standing atop furniture, squatting, and directing or repositioning you, you’ll know that I’m thinking outside of the box in trying to capture an unconventional shot that (I hope) will tell your story for generations to come.

Last words

Thank you for considering me for your next project or family event! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or call (202) 294-6357 to discuss how I can help your next special event or family photo shoot. Can’t wait to meet you!