Spring Family Portrait Session — National Harbor, MD

I had the privilege of photographing the Huggins clan at the National Harbor, Maryland on the waterfront recently. In fact, we photographed on probably one of the busiest days — Mother’s Day!

All I can say, it was extremely crowded on the waterfront when we started our shoot around 6:00 p.m., but we made it happen anyway! The Huggins are troopers. And I’m sure they felt like mini-celebrities as we maneuvered through people to stop for poses along the pier and waterfront.

I managed to get some great shots of the family (see slideshow below), despite the challenging environment. The kids, having just woken up from naps on the car ride over, were still a little groggy and (as most kids are) weren’t as excited as I was to take pictures. So I encouraged mom and dad to take them for a little stroll to get them warmed up for our shoot. [Read more…]

Indoor Versus Outdoor Portrait Session? Thoughts from a natural light photographer

When you’re deciding to take family or individual photos and you’re looking for a qualified portrait photographer, you’ll come across primarily two options in your search: a photographer who shoots in a studio and those who primarily use natural lighting and shoots outdoors.

When I first started in the photography business, it just so happened to be in winter and I didn’t own a studio. I had to get creative and find indoor locations that didn’t impose restrictions. Boy was it tough! Thankfully, I found a couple of spots (which, by the way, no longer allow commercial photographers on the premise unless under certain circumstances) that enabled me to shoot my clients indoors free from the elements.
[Read more…]

My Top 5 Family Portrait Photography Tips

family portrait photography session at the Gaylord, National Harbor MDAs I head into a busy photography season, I thought I’d share some of my favorite tips for preparing for your family portrait session. Photographing with kids at just about any age — whether you have a toddler or pre-teen — can present several unexpected challenges.

My first and foremost advice is to be flexible! If your child isn’t feeling up to taking family photos, let me, the photographer, take the lead. Sometimes kids are more likely to let their guard down in the presence of a friendly photographer. I have my way with kids, ya know!? LOL Actually, as a photographer with two young kids of my own I’ve had tons of practice with my own two little ones getting them to cooperate when mommy is trying to get the best shot. Trust me — I know a thing or two about getting kids to cooperate and it doesn’t always include tooth-decaying bribes. 🙂 [Read more…]

Kristus Ratliff: Mrs. Maryland Plus America 2014


I had the pleasure of photographing my friend and Mrs. Maryland Plus America 2014 recently and these were some of my favorite pics! Kristus competes for the title of Mrs. America Plus 2014 this summer. I think she has exactly what it takes to go all the way. Go Kristus!! You can check out her website at www.kristusratliff.com.

New Baby Is On the Way! The Sampson Clan

I’ve known the Sampsons since they were newlyweds. It’s so hard to believe they’re already expecting baby number two! So when they called to see if I was available to take some shots in preparation for an upcoming baby shower in their hometown, I jumped at the chance! Thanks for allowing me to capture this special moment in your lives. I am soooo excited for you guys! [Read more…]

Take Your Best Photos in the Morning, Dusk or Cloudy | Washington, DC Photographer

Hi everyone! So it’s starting to finally warm up here in the Washington, DC area. That’s right … after the polar vortex had its way with us, we’re finally experiencing warmer temperature and sun-shiny days.

Lately though, we’ve had lots of overcast. The clouds, however, make for great photographing opportunities. When it’s cloudy, the light is more diffused and not as intense as it might be on a sunny day at noon, for example. Under these conditions, shadows are less prominent and highlights are less likely to be overexposed.

In photography, shooting pictures in the morning (with peak time about an hour after sunrise) and in the late afternoon (just before the sun goes down), are also considered the best times to shoot because the daylight is redder and softer — again, similar to when it’s overcast.

The other day, I was so excited about the warmer temps and it being overcast that I (once again) subjected my son to an impromptu photo session! 🙂

I took these photos around 9:30 a.m./10 a.m. As you’ll see, the weather conditions made for the perfect lighting and I was able to capture the full range of my little boy’s emotions this morning!

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